January 10, 2021

”Hi I’m Dasma and I like resting a lot. I was previously owned by a homeless man but it was clear I wasn't doing well so StrayFaces decided to take me under their wing instead so I could have a fighting chance. I have not been feeling well because of my wounds and tumors but I am happy that I can rest daily in a safe place instead of looking for a safe comfortable place while living on the streets. I am thankful that I now eat on time, and I am around people who are able to give me the care and treatment I need."

Rescue Story: Dasma was previously owned by a poor homeless man who collected leftovers from restaurants to feed his dogs. Upon taking her in, she was diagnosed with "Transmissible Venereal Tumor" which was seen in her big lumps and big wounds. She had skin cancer and had multiple chemotherapy sessions before we were advised it was time to let her go due to her overwhelming discomfort with her diagnosis"

Rescue Date: August 31, 2020

Status: Passed